5 Best Data Recovery Software For Mac 2020

We know how important our data is and we just can’t afford to lose it in any case. Sure we try to back up every file and document we have but sometimes we tend to lose our data due to numerous reasons. But that’s not the end of the world thanks to data recovery software. 

At present there are hundreds of data recovery software preset but are they all works the same? The answer is no! And to help you pick the 5 best data recovery software for you so that you can safely get your data back! Without wasting any more time let’s start our list of best data recovery software. 

1 EaseUs 

easeus data recovery wizard serial

EaseUs is a go-to place when you are suffering from lost data! Although its free version can only help you recover the files or data of less than 2 Gb but it’s still better than most other data recovery software. 

It works perfectly fine and you can completely rely on this one with your data recovery process. It can easily scan the files and get you the lost data from USB Drive, hard drive or even memory cards. You can easily get the used go the software as it has a very simple and easy to use interface. 

2 MiniTool 

If you are searching for a software for data recovery for your Mac then MiniTool would be a perfect choice. You can easily install the software and run a quick scan to recover any lost file instantly! That’s all you have to do, its just 3 simple steps that you need to follow and you will have your data back before you know it. You can easily scan the location after selecting it and then select the items you want restore. 

The free version will only allow you to get 1 GB of data but it’s totally worth using keeping in mind how fast it is and how reliable it is. 

5 Best Data Recovery Software

3 Data Rescue 5 

Data Rescue is also a great choice for data recovery software. This data recovery software can be used to recover data from SD cards, USB Drive, SSD and more. The free trial version is available so that you can make an informed decision whether or not you should buy the software. 

The software will easily scan the device and get you a list of deleted or lost data and from that you can pick the ones which you wanna restore. It works well and in a simple manner so you won’t face any difficulties when you will use it. 

4 Disk Drill 

If you don’t wanna get a headache by decorating the theoretical physics to get your data back then Disk Drill is the perfect choice for you. Not only it’s easy to use but it’s powerful too. The data recovery steps in this article are really simple where you will only have to scan the drive and it will get you a list of items that can be recovered. The best thing about this is, you can preview the files or items to make sure you are recovering the item that you want to recover. 

5 Recuva 

Last but not the least Recuva is also a great data recovery software on which you can blindly rely on. The software is best known for its deep scanning and powerful recovery options that can get you anything although its downside would be its little complex but given its high range of data recovery features, it seems obvious!

We hope you will get everything you were looking for by using these data recovery software as they are the best ones! This post is submitted by Aamir founder of questionsgems one of the best website to answer your questions. 

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