5 Best Free Antivirus for Students


If you own a laptop, you should ensure that you find a good antivirus to protect your files. This is essential because viruses can easily eat away all your documents. Make sure that you find a strong antivirus that will protect you from all sorts of malware. 

Even though a full-fledged will require you to make a purchase, there are quite a number of free software that work just as good. These short-term solutions ensure that your computer is always operating at optimum conditions.

Computers do so much more than help you complete your computer science assignment. That is why you should ensure you do everything in your power to protect your machine. Here are five amazing software that will keep your laptop free of any virus.


  • Total AV Free Antivirus 


If you need a performance boost, this antivirus is your go-to. It is an excellent solution because you can use it both on your PC and your mobile devices. 

Not many students protect your mobile phones because they assume they cannot be targeted by cybercriminals. This is not true because hackers attack all electronics as long as they have access to the internet. 

Total AV, like its name suggests, protects you from all malware, and by extension boosts your PC’s performance. 

Some of its useful features are the free tune-up application that helps you clean up space on your PC. As you know, machines can be quite slow if there is not much storage space left. 

It also comes with a feature that performs fast scans to determine if there is malware that needs to be removed. 

Not to mention its excellent phishing protection feature. Now you can access the internet without worrying about losing your personal data.


  • BullGuard Free Antivirus 


For students who are gamers, BullGuard is your go-to antivirus. It is excellent at identifying malware before any damage is done. This antivirus uses new technology to keep your computer in excellent conditions. 

Other problems this antivirus will protect you from include;

  • Dodgy websites 
  • New virus on the internet 
  • Trojans 
  • Known malware 

As you can see, this software has got you covered. 

Remember to enable the parental control features so that you enjoy optimum protection. This software comes with a 30-day trial period after which you’ll be required to pay in order to enjoy malware protection. 

During the trial period, you’ll see that spending a small amount monthly to keep your documents safe is worth it. The best part about the trail period is you won’t have to pay for services you have not tried. 

Some of the beneficial features this antivirus has include;

  • The 30-day trial period 
  • Premium version with more features 
  • A game mode that suspends scans so you can enjoy your games without interruptions 
  • Robust parental control tool for optimum protection
  • Unmatched ransomware protection


  • Panda Free Antivirus 


If your priority is ransomware protection, then you should definitely go with Panda Free Antivirus. This is a free software that ensures your PC has maximum core processing power.

It has extra features that cover all the bases when it comes to ransomware protection. This software will also protect you from malware, spyware, Trojans, as well as computer hacks.

It has excellent phishing protection which extends to your emails. The user interface is user-friendly to ensure you have an easy time setting it up.


  • BitDefender Mobile Security Free 


This is another antivirus ideal for phishing protection. BitDefender will defend your computer form any malware that tries to compromise its functionality. 

It is a fast scanning software that does not interrupt your activities. The scans run without you noticing, and you get notifications on the best cause of action. It covers all the basics, which means that your computer will always be clean.

An essential feature BitDefender comes with is the automatic virus updates that ensure you rectify any errors before the issue at hand impacts the performances of your machine.


  • ZoneAlarm Free Antivirus 


Lastly, we have Zone Alarm Free Antivirus for firewall protection. This is an excellent antivirus because it offers the same protection you would get from premium security sites. 

What more would you need!

It is a highly customizable application that ensures you get what you need. It comes with an extremely powerful firewall and privacy toolbar to help you take immediate action.


  • Conclusion 


This these applications, you can ensure your computer is protected without having to spend an arm and a leg on premium packages. Before paying for a premium package, make sure you try out the software first.


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