Bubble Mouse Blast is easy and entertaining game

Bubble Mouse blast game was released in 1994 by Taito. In this game, a dragon is use to shoot
the bubbles. There are also enemies on the playing board in this game. Once the objects are
popped, the enemies will disappear. Thanks to the success of this marvelous game, more games
have been developed that are very similar to original game. Bubble has been introduced into
many educational classrooms, and is especially used for children who have developmental
problems or needs. It teaches children to problem solve, strategize, identify colors and even
improves motor skills. These games can be so much fun that they may become an addiction.
Nonetheless, fans love them and that is all that matters. Some of the most talked about and
played games in this category include Bubble mouse blast, Funny bubbles, bubble shooter, sonic
bad shooter, bubble trouble and many more.

Best for new players:
Bubblemouse blast is game you play because it is the one of favorite
game of kids. For new players, these games are fun and easy to play. To play shooter version
online, simply point your mouse pointer to point where you need your bubbles to be. The more
bubbles that explode, more points you get especially if explosions occur in more than one area. If
you miss your shooting aim, you will lose points. Game ends when all your bubbles are gone.
One of the latest versions is multiplier. Here points you earn are double and this is reflect on
your overall score. When playing the popper version, your aim should be to pop all the bubbles
that appear on your computer screen. Be careful to pop only balloons of the same color. To
complete a round, you will need to clear three levels with each being harder than next.

Bubble Mouse Blast and more:
Bubble Mouse Blast game is the best game you play on
internet. The set number you need to pop per round is indicate on the screen. Extra points are
earn by popping coin-releasing bubbles. Popping special bubbles, multiplies your points. There
is an option that allows you to change your difficulty level at any point in the game. Beware
though; changing levels without completing your recent one automatically means you lose any
points earned. As the name suggests Sonic bad shooter imitates danger situation where movie
character sonic is trap in tank of water. Players have to ensure he swallows safe bubbles and bad
bubbles out of way so that sonic makes safe escape. This game may prove quite complex for first

time players but it gets easier with experience. Bubble fairy depicts scenario where little fairy is
trap with friend of yours by bad guy in cage shape bubble.

How to play?
Player then has to move this cage safely by avoiding danger and making your
landing in secure zone. This is done in levels and for every successful level, you earn points. To
play bubble trouble, you must learn to strike a balance between spearing bubbles. You have to
avoiding those falling towards you to save your life (in a manner of speaking).There is single
version players and multiple player versions. To successfully play soap bubble, you will need to
steer it through a complex set up and avoid obstacles. You earn points as the levels progress and
you cover more distance. To play Puzzle bubble, you need to control two dragons. These dragons
spit fire and your role as a player is to make this fire hit three balls of a similar color and cause
them to fall. Points you earn depends on how many balls you cause to fall.

Bubbles games are easy:
Bubbles are unique and easy games that can be enjoyed and
played by anybody. Today many latest versions of these kinds of games have release in the
market of online entertainment. Many websites provide facility of playing free online bubbles.
The version of flash game known as "Bubble mouse blast" is one of the most popular games.
This game is easy to operate and simple to learn. No special skill is require to play them. One
can fire maximum shots and blast as many colorful bubbles to earn a high score. Some rules are
also to follow while playing the game. The player should not touch the ground while playing this
game or else it would come to an end. Playing online bubble game sounds really easy. One can
blast as many bubbles and have nice time. One should enjoy and have real fun while shooting
online bubble.

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