Attempting New Cisco 300-420 Exam with Exam-Labs Practice Tests: What You Need to Know

As new technologies emerge, IT certifications are becoming increasingly popular among the networking professionals looking to propel their career to the next level. In this regard, a valid IT certification would be a testament to your solid competence in the area of specialization and an impetus to promote your organization to the horizons of success.

Innovative networking technology has created a vast number of opportunities at present like never before. And while security holds the top of the most covetable domains of the industry, the desire to integrate software with networking technologies is inevitable.

Acknowledged to be dictating salaries’ rise and helping IT professionals put the best foot forward in the tech specialties’ market, Cisco certifications have an overriding role in proving professionals’ expertise value.

This post is thus dedicated to the brand-new CCNP Enterprise badge, including the required exams, proposing ways of attaining it, and most importantly, accompanying tips and tricks.

New Cisco Certifications

Following the desire to align its certification programs with the job market demands, Cisco corporation will be unleashing a new set of certifications and exams in early 2020. Thus, some if its revered certifications will be retired to pave the way for the new set of credentials.

Accordingly, the current CCNP Wireless, CCNP Routing and Switching, and CCDP certifications are to be replaced by the one upcoming credential, CCNP Enterprise.

Overview of Cisco CCNP Enterprise Certification

The CCNP Enterprise qualifying badge will officially go live in 2020. Attaining this credential confirms your proficiency in enterprise networking solutions to be applied in several experienced-level job roles. Additionally, the latest CCNP Enterprise curriculum incorporates programmability and automation that are key to enhancing your knowledge of networking infrastructures.

Read on to find the new CCNP Enterprise prerequisites.

CCNP Enterprise Requisites

Being one of the newly developed Cisco certifications, CCNP Enterprise has no preconditions to be attained. However, Cisco highly recommends for all its exam takers to get well acquainted with the topics of the test before looking to register for it.

So, let’s now look at the Cisco 300-420 exam details, one of the concentration assessments you will need to pass to attain the mentioned CCNP Enterprise credential along with Cisco Certified Specialist – Enterprise Design, starting from February 2020.

Overview of Cisco 300-420 Exam

Designing Cisco Enterprise Networks exam, denoted 300-420 is a 90-minute duration test. Here, Cisco 300-420 is part of the set of Cisco tests referred to as the concentration exams. They imply that you can passany of them according to your specialty, alongside the core test (350-401) which is an obligatory one, to become CCNP Enterprise certified.

That said, the other concentration exams include 300-410, 300-415, 300-430, 300-425, and 300-435.

Skills Tested in 300-420 Assessment

To go deeper, the Cisco 300-420 test validates applicants’ knowledge of 5 major domains related to the Cisco enterprise environment. These include automation (10%), network services (20%), WAN for enterprise networks (20%), advanced enterprise-based campus networks (25%), and advanced addressing and routing solutions (25%).

CCNP Enterprise Tests’ Substitute

Well, here is the point where contesters should get to know the important facts about CCNP Enterprise: whereas the newly developed credential, along with the accompanying exams will go live by the end of the coming February, determined candidates are strongly recommended to ace the actual comparable badge, like Cisco Certified Design Professional (CCDP), to be replaced soon by CCNP Enterprise.

The exams for this badge are Implementing Cisco IP Routing (300-101), Implementing Cisco IP Switched Networks (300-115), and Designing Cisco Network Service Architectures (300-320). These will validate candidates’ top-end knowledge of network design notions and principles needed to develop multi-layer enterprise network components and structures.

Vendor-Provided Exams Training Options: Cisco Press, to Name a Few

Thus, the Cisco official website provides tons of resources to help applicants prepare for the CCDP-leading exams the right way. Be sure to check out the classroom training that enables flexibility while giving you vital information for the exams’ success. This preparation provides you with comprehensive learning under the 3 CCDP tests’ courses: ROUTE, SWITCH, and ARCH.

Cisco Press is the official publisher of Cisco’s individual study materials for Cisco exams, and much more. This platform offers plenty of resources that could do wonders for your Certified Design Professional preparation adventure.

Here you’ll find the official study guide for the Cisco ARCH exam, CCDP ARCH 300-320, 4th Edition. The book is packed with detailed information about Cisco 300-320 and leaves nothing to be desired.

Be advised also about the flexible vendor’s Internet routing lab allowing candidates to construct precise models of planned or existing networks, operate, design, and configure them, and a far more.

Exam-Labs Study Resources

Being certified by Cisco would be a breakthrough in your tech career, also by using the real and updated exam questions from the Exam-Labs premium bundle. With the price of just $59.98, it equips applicants with comprehensively stuffed learning packages for all the 3 CCDP-associated tests! While many IT training websites may claim to provide authentic study materials for exam success, none is comparable to Exam-Labs.

More to say, its VCE Player is not just an ordinary study resource but is the real simulation software designed to help you attempt the exams similarly to the real test environment.

Furthermore, Exam-Labs provides plenty of practice tests in the form of instant downloads and a generous 30-day free update policy to help you ace your exam like a total boss. These tests are uploaded by the recent test takers and contain the most recent and updated exam questions.

Exam Scheduling

Feel free to schedule your proctored exam with the help of Pearson Vue. It is important to note that this testing center is the official administrator of all Cisco certification exams, and the new Cisco CCNP Enterprise exam will be officially available for testing starting from the 24th of February, 2020.


The CCNP Enterprise certification puts you ahead of the pack and is the ace up your sleeve as you want to serve in new IT job roles. The future might be unpredictable but the Cisco CCNP Enterprise credential equips you with job-focused skills to help you keep pace with the most recent IT trends. So, pass 350-401 and 3000-420 exams to become CCNP Enterprise certified, or sit for the still current Cisco certification exams add the title to your resume to help you excel in your career! To succeed in the exams, visit the Cisco official website and use the most valid and updated Exam-Labs’ practice tests.



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