All You Need To Know About An Online Store Builder

Regardless of whether you own a brick-and-mortar shop or you plan to launch an online store, creating an efficient website is integral to a satisfying and memorable customer experience. However, you have to understand that simply building a visually-attractive site is not enough. You need an online store that is going to offer your buyers an experience that will ensure that they do not move to another brand. It means that you must build a website in a cost-effective way keeping in mind the ease-of-use. And this is where an efficient online store builder makes a world of difference.

An online store builder can boost your brand image

Why Do You Need An Online Store Builder?

  • Online sales are currently soaring, and almost 60% of such sales take place through mobile devices. This trend suggests that the time is ripe to take your brick-and-mortar business online. It also indicates that the e-commerce market growth is not slowing down anytime soon. So, online shoppers need a superior mobile e-commerce experience. While traditional site builders can take care of the basic functions, the need of the hour is an online store builder like Shopify or Wix that can cater to modern-day e-commerce needs. 
  • With an online store builder, you will have access to accounting, taxes and payments, shipping and invoicing features, setting up abandoned cart reminders for those failing to complete their purchases, etc. These store builders are also helpful when you wish to manage your blog content, add discount codes, make a hassle-free checkout process and analyze key metrics. They even allow you to conduct email marketing campaigns. So, e-commerce builders are popular because they are feature-rich. They are designed to help even first-time entrepreneurs and small business owners run and manage their inventory seamlessly.
  • A major function of any e-commerce site is the power to edit SEO settings. It is necessary to ensure that your website gets higher rankings in search engine results. While most store builders will offer native SEO tools, these new online store builders have the power to integrate with many apps for SEO optimization.
  • If you want to launch a marketing campaign, an online store builder will let you test variables, to see which elements are liked and not liked by your buyers. This feature is highly advantageous in the conversion journey because you want to guide your customers to make purchases in the end. In case your store builder does not have in-built testing features, there are many free integrations available.
  • Google is going to start penalizing websites that do not have mobile-responsive versions. So, it is important to get a store builder that can make your store mobile-responsive. It is absolutely imperative as nearly 60% of purchases made online are from mobile devices.
  • E-commerce builders also offer free hosting services through their plans and custom domain names.
  • Using an online store builder you can promote your brand image and create brand awareness. You will have access to themes, features, and options to run your operations the way you want. 
  • Online analytics embedded within these site builders can help you tweak your marketing strategies to target the right audience and drive conversions to achieve higher growth levels.
  • Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance, and retaining customers needs hard work. Instead of hiring expensive developers to make a new platform for customer interactions, you can use online store builders that do the job for much less.

Shopify provides a host of features for higher conversion rates

Reasons To Choose Shopify As Your Online Store Builder:

  • As Shopify’s team comprises of globally-recognized designers, you can choose professional themes for your website. You can choose from both paid and free templates, and then customize these to your specifications. Shopify allows you to preview the changes in real-time using their Theme Settings Editor.
  • Whether you need to use CSS or HTML, Shopify has got your back. It also allows you to work with experts, as a professional is capable of making a huge difference to your brand image.
  • You can browse through Shopify apps and add features to your site within minutes. The apps will enhance marketing appeal, help you run the store, and understand buyer behavior.
  • Your buyers can register on the site to make fast purchases, and you can even classify them depending on their location and purchase history.
  • You get to control the whole site through a CMS that enables you to edit the content, navigation, and images.
  • You can even blog on your website to keep in constant touch with buyers.
  • Shopify supports more than 100 payment gateways, and you can choose one that will let you accept all kinds of cards.
  • Customers can benefit from quick checkouts as there are no glitches and delays.
  • The Shopify cart comes with a 128-bit encryption certificate for free.
  • Finally, you can be sure of round-the-clock support with Shopify. There are also helpful tutorials that show you ways to manage the store better.

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