7 Questions You Need to Ask Before Buying Petpooja Software

Petpooja is a restaurant management application which deals with all your restaurant functions. Designed by PETPOOJA, this application can work both online and offline. Apart from a wide range of comprehensive features, it delivers an exciting management experience to its users.

It allows you to customize its features as and when the needs of restaurant business change. Petpooja has configurable and adaptable workflows through which it can hike the speed and efficiency of billing. The app can print up to 150 bills per hour and, once deployed, take the process of billing management to a whole new level.


Trusted by 8500+ restaurants across India and the UAE, it offers 70+ integrations from payment gateways, loyalty programs and food delivery integrations. Petpooja will save you enormous amounts of time by handling all your restaurant operations from a single platform.

Features of Petpooja App

Following are some important features offered by the Petpooja app:-

  • Sales tracking
  • Inventory management
  • Points of sales (POS)
  • Purchasing
  • Multi currency support
  • Kitchen management
  • Recipe management
  • Split checks
  • Mobile access
  • Track and secure payments
  • Order management and tracking
  • Online payment
  • Cash management
  • Delivery management
  • Food Costing
  • Loyalty program support
  • Sales analysis
  • Reporting/Analytics and many more.

Petpooja lets you stay in touch with your customers through SMS, e-bill (digital copy) and event based messages right from its Dashboard. You can retain your customers by appreciating their loyalty with customized offers and schemes. It allocates points to the respective mobile number. Customers can check the available rewards and redeem the same.

Additionally, you can assign roles to your restaurant employees and track their performance.

Technical Specifications

  • Organization type: SMEs, Mid-Market, Enterprise, Startups
  • of employees: 1-10, 11-15, 16-200, 200-500, 501-100
  • Deployment: Web based
  • Supported platforms: Windows, Macintosh, WebApp
  • Business specific: All businesses
  • Suitable for: Retail
  • Mobile Platform: Android
  • Language: English, Hindi

Petpooja restaurant management application does not require any specific training before use. In fact, the training duration for billing personnel is not more than half an hour. That apart, it offers you a comprehensive tax reporting experience with HSN codes and GST bifurcation.

7 Questions You Need to Ask Before Purchasing Petpooja App

Following are seven important questions which you need to ask before buying this restaurant management software:-

Q.1- Is it quick and reliable?

Ans. – Yes, it is very quick in performing various functions. It can print up to 150 bills per hour, which is better than its competitors. Not only this, it doesn’t require any specific training before use.

Petpooja restaurant management application is completely reliable. It can perform its functions precisely for error free results, especially in billing. It also provides easy to read analysis to its users. And because such analysis is accurate, users can gain precious insights on business function performance. With Petpooja restaurant management software, you can also make data driven decisions for your upcoming projects.

Q.2 – Is it customizable? What if the business grows?

Ans. – Yes, Petpooja application can be customized as per your business needs. You have the liberty to add or remove the features. Petpooja application easily synchronizes with such necessary changes for a seamless, glitch-free experience.

When your business grows, the size of the work force and quantum of work load rises. This necessitates upgrades in the business processes. Petpooja restaurant management application allows you to quickly execute all the required updates.

Q.3 – Is it secure?

Ans. – Yes, Petpooja restaurant management application is completely safe to use. It is built with industry standard practices and employs strict policies which ensure complete data protection.

Data in the Petpooja’s billing module is stored locally. If the system gets disconnected with the internet then there is no loss of data. It will automatically sync the data with its respective servers whenever the internet connection is restored. Petpooja also allows its users to sync the data manually.

Q.4 – Who are the typical users of Petpooja?

Ans. – Petpooja restaurant management application is used by Startups, SMEs, Freelancers, Agencies and Enterprises. You can use this application regardless of the size of your business. Petpooja provides you an option for customization. You can personalize this application at any point of time.

This application has a user friendly interface. Therefore, you will take no time in learning its fundamentals. It is only the billers who will require a training session of less than half an hour to use this software perfectly.

Q.5 – Does Petpooja works offline? What if we have frequent internet issues in our restaurant?

Ans. – Yes, Petpooja application can be accessed in the offline mode. As mentioned above, data in the Petpooja application can be stored locally. Once the internet connection is available, the Petpooja application will automatically sync the data with its Petpooja servers. You can also sync the data manually.

Hence, Petpooja ensures complete safety of the precious data of customers and prevents any form of data loss which can prove expensive for any type of business.

Q.6 – Is it cost effective?

Ans. – Without any doubt, the Petpooja restaurant management application is completely cost effective. It offers a wide range of comprehensive features to its users. It enhances billing management and optimizes business functions. It ensures complete security of data which can be saved offline and can be automatically synchronized with its servers.

It has a user friendly interface and allows you to send automated SMS and emails to the customer right from the Petpooja dashboard. Petpooja can be customized as per the requirements of the business. With Petpooja application, you can assign roles to the employees and can track their performance on daily basis. It allows the users to manage the orders and conduct fast and accurate billing.

In a nutshell, Petpooja restaurant billing software is a one stop solution for all restaurant related activities and delivers value to your business.

Q.6 – Which operating system does Petpooja support?

Ans. – It supports Web app, Microsoft Windows and Macintosh.

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