Top 5 Best VPN Apps For Android 2020

If we ask you which is the must-have application to have in your smartphone it would be definitely a VPN app. For the people who like to watch films, series or any other things which are banned in his country, VPN would be a lifesaver, it is used as fake a location or fake GPS

Best VPN Apps

VPN also protects your android phone when you connect internet connection. A VPN would hide your IP address so you remain anonymous and private. It will also help you to secure the data present in your phone. And as we mentioned earlier it would bypass the geo-restrictions. We have picked 5 such best VPN apps for your android smartphones so take a look and pick the best one for your smartphone! 

1 Turbo VPN

Turbo VPN 

When we talk about the best VPN apps for androids, turbo VPN comes first in our mind. Not only will this one protects your privacy but it will unblock the sites and secure your wifi hotspot. The best thing about this VPN app is that it is absolutely free and it provides a high VPN speed too. 


It works on a very simple one-click mechanism where you will only have to tap once and it will instantly connect as a hare with high VPN speed. Turbo is also among the most stable VPN apps where you will get lots of free VPN cloud proxy server which will provide better net and VPN service. The app has many other great features which will definitely impress you!!

2 Thunder VPN 

Thunder VPN is also a great choice for a VPN app for android to have. It claims to provide high speed, ultra-secure, and fastest VPN. Do your things with a single click and access the internet securely and anonymously. People trust this app for the security of their personal data and information as once they connect with this VPN it makes it almost impossible for the third parties to look or track your online activity. 

It’s easy to work too where you can choose the apps to use the VPN and it also works easily with all kinds of internet connection like wifi/4g/3g etc. Its strict no-logging policy is also impressive and not to forget it’s smart choose server and we’ll designed UI is also really great. You won’t require any configuration or registration to run the app! 

3 Secure VPN 

Secure von is also a reliable VPN app and you can easily trust this app for the privacy and security of your phone. The app is really popular for hiding your IP address through which you can access the geo-restriction website and watch any movies or series which is banned in your country. 

This VPN app for android is also really simple to use and understand. With just one click you will be connected with high VPN speed and access to anything without worrying about your privacy or security. The app won’t require any additional permissions of run in your phone. Just click the flag to change the server and they feature a global network too. 

4 SuperVPN Free VPN client

SuperVPN has got over 100 million users all across the globe and it proves how good it is. It’s also free so you won’t have to spend a single penny to secure your network and privacy, just get the super VPN and you will be good to go. 

5 Psiphon Pro 

About 50 million people across the planet rely on Psiohone Pro to hide their IP address so that they can access to the secure network without harming their privacy! It is undoubtedly one of the best VPN app for android 2020. 

So these were the top 5 VPN apps for androids and you can completely rely on them. 


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